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A Place For Community, Connection, and Self-Discovery

Soul Song is where you will discover, or uncover, your dreams while establishing friendships (your village) with like-minded people who hold your dreams with you and support your personal journey.

“What isn’t given is wasted.” Rick Butler


Melody Griego Founder of Soul Song
Melody Griego
Founder & CEO

Bring Soul Song To Life With Me!

Soul Song is a place to find your joy and understand that happy is a choice not controlled by outside events, actions or people. We only need to find our own Truth and Dreams that live within our beings buried under everyone else’s truths and stories. Surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature in the Southern Oregon countryside, with nearby running water year-round and abundant wildlife, guests will connect with other like-minded folks while participating in the life-affirming and joy-expanding Soul Song offerings.

Soul Song is a vision I am bringing to life. Interested in joining me?

The Heart Of Soul Song

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New Relationships with Food and Nature

Soul Song comes from a deep belief we are all stewards of this earth, guests in fact. We teach how to create healthy soil that is alive and in turn produces food that provides real nourishment and tastes good. Learn how to enrich the soil, clean our air and water while enjoying healthy hands in the dirt experiences.

The Teaching Kitchen

The heart of Soul Song is our teaching kitchen, organic gardens and orchard.  Soul Song staff are here to provide our guests with guidance and education through hands-on inspiring and fun experiences in our kitchen and gardens. We encourage our guests to come learn and teach each other, along with a professional chef, how to plan and prepare healthy, whole food meals that taste great.

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Other Features of Soul Song


Soul Song will feature private rooms and spaces designed for the comfort and enjoyment of guests. Accommodations for individuals, couples, families with children, and groups include a private sleeping space, bathroom, and sitting area. Plans include porches for quiet contemplation outside surrounded by nature. Separate section for guests with pets is a major consideration. Staff / partners will be housed on site in a separate location.

Fitness Activities

Guests can enjoy fitness activities outdoors with community as well as an indoor fitness center.

Fueled By Renewable Energy

We will utilize as many renewable energy options as possible including solar, wind and geothermal.  Care of and respect for our environment is a high priority at Soul Song and part of our core teaching.


We are exploring properties in Jacksonville and Ashland Oregon that meet the Soul Song vision.

Our Guests

Our guests are comprised of families with their children, couples, individuals, groups of friends, and business teams. 

Vacation Destination

In addition to functioning as a Wholesome Foods Learning & Retreat Center, Soul Song is also a desirable vacation getaway.

The Soul Song Retreat Center is a destination for anyone interested in stepping away from their day to day life and experiencing other life opportunities such as the teaching kitchen, the gardens, the beauty and peace of the retreat center, and more.

Conference Center

Finally, Soul Song is a place for family/friend reunions, team building, retreats for quilting, writing and artistic programs.


Invited guest instructors will facilitate health/healing and personal growth programs.


For presenters and guests, all needs are taken care of by Soul Song (meals, housekeeping, etc.)

Outdoor patio at conference center Soul Song Retreat Cener

Become An Investor

Maybe your interest is in being a partner whose vision aligns with Soul Song or being a member of our team.

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